Learn About Us

Capricorn Property Group ("CPG") is a Silicon-Valley, California based, family-owned company focused on the development, ownership, and management of hospitality, multifamily, retail, and restaurant assets across the Western United States. 40 years of experience in the real estate space have made CPG a mainstay in the industry, and our portfolio is constantly expanding. 

Our History

Robert Patel's introduction to the hospitality industry began in 1982 after emigrating from England with a formal education in pharmacy.  Not knowing what to expect from the wealth of opportunity in the U.S., he learned through friends and extended family about the growing motel/hotel industry. Like many immigrants during the 80s, the Patels were full of hope and urgency, and knew that through the support of the South Asian community, they would build their professional and personal wealth through the hospitality industry.

Robert knew that investing in this industry would be a risky commitment, so he continued to build his early career as a pharmacist, while developing the knowledge and means necessary for him and his wife to purchase their first property, the Rio Rancho motel in Marysville, CA. It was during this time his first and second sons were born, and as a family they learned of the sacrifices necessary to build a business from the ground up. With continued hope and sense of urgency, the Patels made their move to San Jose, CA and purchased the Motel 6 in downtown San Jose. Over time they continued to grow their business and purchase additional properties across different brands within the Bay Area.

In 2017, his son Kamal, who is a corporate and real estate attorney and licensed realtor,  joined CPG full-time.  Since then, CPG has expanded with more hotel assets, into additional asset classes (multifamily, retail, and restaurant) and beyond the Bay Area region into the greater Western United States.